I think my laziness may be a by-product of the relaxed ambience of what I call home. Although it isn't quite as bright (with the exception of today) and warm as I'd prefer it to be, sometimes I would much rather stay covered in my bedsheets all day than leave out of the 5 meter radius area from my bed. Well let's be honest, this situation occurs on most days, and today happened to be one of them. Instead of trying to act against it, I think we should all embrace the Home-Bound Syndrome. So I'm thinking some ways to express HBS may be:
  1. lay in bed and stare at the ceiling for a good number of minutes before realizing that you are not going to do anything productive
  2. passively shame yourself that you are not being productive
  3. get distracted and browse entire world of online shopping
  4. oh and now you're on your phone too checking for updates on Instagram
  5. listen to Arctic Monkeys on repeat
  6. lie down again and think of all the work you could be doing
  7. laugh because you're not doing any of them
  8. get hungry and eat a lot of strawberries
  9. browse some more
  10. eat some more (possibly yoghurt this time)
  11. realize that it is now 6 pm and accept the fact that you have wasted 2/3 of your day
  12. convince yourself that rather than calling it a waste of time, the more appropriate phrase is you "took a rest day"
That may or may not have been what I was up to for the past day, but we all learn from past mistakes...right? Anyways, I hope you're having a good day and I'll be posting more regularly this month!

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